Spice Up Your Fundraising

Raise money for your school, club or nonprofit organization

Earn up to $7* per ticket sold

on a 7pc Signature Chicken Box

dark meat big box
Who can participate?

Clubs, teams and organizations looking to fundraise can apply.

How does it work?

You will need to pre-purchase tickets from Popeyes for $13 each (100 tickets minimum). The sales price for each ticket is $20. You will make $7* for each ticket sold and Popeyes will buy back any remaining tickets at the end of your fundraiser.

Fundraising Inquiry Form

Fill out the form below and we will reach out to you.

    Fundraising FAQs

    Contact us to get started.
    Is a down payment required to participate?
    • A $250 down payment is required to get started. This down payment will be applied towards the final amount owed.
    • Additionally, a credit card must be provided to participate. This credit card can be used to guarantee the mid-point payment, and the final payment.
    Is there a minimum ticket order?
    A minimum of 100 tickets must be purchased

    Your organization’s cost for each ticket is $13.00 (plus applicable GET)

    These tickets are not eligible for return/refund, meaning if you sell less than 100 tickets, you will still be required to pay for a minimum of 100 tickets

    How long is the redemption window?
    • The redemption period for the fundraiser is 2 months
    Where do I pick up the tickets?
    • Once printed, tickets will be available for pickup at a predetermined Popeyes Hawaii location.
    What if additional tickets are needed during the fundraising period?
    • You may order additional tickets during the 2-month redemption period
    • Each reorder requires a minimum of 50 tickets
    • Tickets will have the same expiration date as the initial order
    How are tickets redeemed?
    • Tickets can be redeemed at any one of our 8 Popeyes Hawaii locations.
    • Tickets cannot be redeemed at any other Popeyes location.
    • Tickets cannot be redeemed online, through the app, or by phone.
    How does the mid-point payment work?
    • At the end of the first month of the fundraising redemption window, a payment of 50% of the total tickets issued will be due. This payment is required on the last day of the month.
    • This payment can be made by cash or check at any Popeyes location or will be automatically charged to your credit card on file.
    • Note: Purchaser will be responsible for all applicable state taxes on the sales.
    What happens if we don’t sell all the tickets?
    • If your organization ordered more than 100 tickets, any unsold tickets in excess of the minimum 100 tickets may be returned for a credit of $12.75 per ticket.
    • Unsold tickets must be returned to Popeyes within seven days after the ticket expiration date
    How is the final payment made?
    • A final reconciliation will be provided within 10 days following the ticket expiration.
    • Payment is due within 10 days of receipt of this statement.
    What happens if tickets are lost or stolen?
    • Popeyes Hawaii is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets
    • Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced or refunded
    • Lost or stolen tickets cannot be identified for exclusion at the store level
    What happens if tickets pass the expiration date?
    • There are no refunds and no substitutions
    • There is a five-day grace period after the expiration date to redeem tickets


    *Before tax.
    This promotion is offered by the local franchisee.
    Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. is not a sponsor of or affiliated with these offerings. Fundraising tickets are only valid at participating Popeyes Hawaii locations. Tickets can only be redeemed in-store. TM & © 2024 Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.